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Hello! I am Oleg Kapitonov. Meet my three projects for guitar players and sound producers who love Free Software! Here you will find user guides, examples of sounds that you can get with this software, profiles and scientific analysis of how it all works.

Kapitonov Plugins Pack (KPP)

Set of plugins for guitar sound processing. Compatible with hosts such as Ardour, Qtractor, Carla, guitarix, jack-rack.

Binary files are available for Linux, Windows, macOS 64-bit systems.

KPP plugins

Currently available plugins

  1. tubeAmp. Advanced guitar tube amp emulator. Contains preamp, tonestack, power amp with voltage sag, cabinet emulators. Emulation parameters of each component are set by profile files.
  2. Bluedream. Booster/Tube Screamer pedal with equalizer (tonestack). Has GUI
  3. Distruction. Distortion pedal with equalizer (tonestack). Has GUI.
  4. Fuzz. Vintage fuzz pedal. Has GUI.
  5. Deadgate. Effective Noise Gate/Dead Zone effect plugin.
  6. Octaver. Analog octaver pedal.
  7. Single2Humbucker. Plugin for emulation humbucker pickup sound with single coil pickup on the guitar. Useful for playing heavy-metal on Stratocaster guitar with single coil pickups.

This plugins (except tubeAmp) available in LV2, LADSPA versions (Linux only) and VST3 versions (Linux, Windows, macOS). It is recommended to use LV2 versions (if you can :) ).

tubeAmp is the main and most complex plugin in the set. It can be used to emulate the sound of any common models of guitar combo amplifiers.

tubeAmp Designer

Standalone software guitar processor, editor of *.tapf profile files for tubeAmp (KPP) and guitar amp profiler.


You can:


Non-realtime high realistic software guitar processor. Works with *.wav files as input and output. It uses ngspice for electric circuit simulation and FFT convolver with Impulse Response *.wav file for cabinet simulation.

Project ships with SPICE sub-models of Valves used in guitar amplifiers.

You see Qucs-S in the backgroud. I would recommend it as a schema editor.


You can: