KPP tubeAmp Designer spiceAmp

Here you can listen to the sound of tubeAmp and other KPP plug-ins.

All examples recorded with MD EGT-300 guitar (Stratocaster, 3 single coil pickups).

Example 1. Clean, JCM-800 profile.

Example 2. Clean, Twin Reverb profile.

Example 3. Soft Crunch, Twin Reverb profile.

Example 4. Fuzz, kpp_fuzz + Twin Reverb profile.

Example 5. Hard Rock Overdrive, Classic Hard profile.

Example 6. Distortion, kpp_single2humbucker + kpp_distruction + JCM-800 profile.

Example 7. Heavy Metal Distortion, kpp_single2humbucker + kpp_bluedream + JCM-800 profile.

Example 8. Modern Metal Distortion, kpp_single2humbucker + kpp_bluedream + Dual Rectifier profile.