KPP tubeAmp Designer spiceAmp

KPP 1.2.1

This release tested with Ardour 6.0 and brings back broken since 1.1 GUI with Qtractor!


LV2 and LADSPA versions

Download KPP-1.2.1-binary-ubuntu-bionic.tar.bz2 for ANY distro!

Download KPP-1.2.1-binary-debian10.tar.bz2 ONLY for Debian Buster (10)!

Source code: github

VST3 versions

Download KPP-VST3-1.2.1-binary-ubuntu-bionic.tar.bz2 for ANY distro!

Download KPP-VST3-1.2.1-binary-debian10.tar.bz2 ONLY for Debian Buster (10)!

EXPERIMENTAL build for Windows 7 - 10 64-bit:

EXPERIMENTAL build for macOS 10.10+ 64-bit: KPP-VST3-Mac-1.2.1.dmg

Source code: github

tubeAmp Designer 1.2.1

This is bugfix release.


tubeAmp Designer 1.2 - standalone guitar processor and *. tapf profile editor. May be used instead of the tubeAmp plugin as standalone JACK application.

This is the first release, version number 1.2 is for unification with KPP, because it use the same guitar amp emulator.

Allows you to create and edit profiles for tubeAmp.

Additional functions:

Download AppImage binary version.

Source code: github

EXPERIMENTAL build for Windows 7 - 10 64-bit: tubeAmp-Designer-x64-win.exe

spiceAmp 1.0

spiceAmp 1.0 is a slow but accurate non-realtime guitar processor that uses ngspice as emulator. It requires a lot of computing power, so for now you can only process guitar recordings in a *.wav file and output the result to the *.wav file. This is especially useful with tubeAmp Designer - you can create *. tapf profiles using the SPICE model and then use them in realtime with tubeAmp.

To process the sound you need:

This release includes models of several classic tube amplifiers and pedals, models of almost all tubes used in guitar amplifiers (triodes and pentodes), for creating new models, and the impulses of two cabinets. I would recommend to use this tube models because they are specially selected and adjusted for better performance during heavy overloaded operation.

Look for models at ~/spiceAmp Data/Models

Download AppImage

Source code: GitHub